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We offer high-quality bathroom works and custom designs so you can achieve the dream bathroom that you envision.

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We cater to all practical requirements and styles.

At Pro Bathrooms Maitland we believe in the importance of a bathroom that provides not only exactly what you need, but also looks just the way you want it too as well.

We support both commercial and residential properties, in helping them achieve their ideal bathroom set-up.

We can cater to all practical requirements, including any accessibility needs, as well as all aesthetic tastes and budgets!

You will work closely with your very own bathroom design expert to create the perfect solution for your needs!

Simply reach out to a friendly member of our team today.

About Us

Every member of the team is highly skilled and has been working in this field for many years. We will work efficiently and effectively to achieve high-quality finishes that guarantee durability and longevity. All materials, equipment, and techniques that we employ are of the highest quality so that we can ensure only the best results for our clients. Your new bathroom will not only look flawless, but also offer all the practical elements you require, and can be designed with custom options including tiles, flooring, fixtures, and fittings.

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We are dedicated in providing:

Quality Work

Great Designs

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